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    Online Advertising

    Online Advertising includes advertising strategies that will help your brand reach the correct audience. While providing brand recognition and reliability, the profit of the brand is optimized with a minimum budget, through Social Media Ads and Google Ads. Increasing your competitive power on digital platforms, by creating ads on channels that are suitable for your brand, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Due to the implemented advertising strategies, your followers will increase organically. With Google Analytics, advertising data is analyzed, regularly measured, reported, and set correct strategies in order to achieve the goal.

    Social Media Management

    Social Media Management aims to establish a consistent bond with the followers by using the correct communication. Channels that are suitable for your brand (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.) are selected, moderated and the follow-up processes are managed. In social media, the corporate identity of the brand is shared with the correct target audience, accompanied with products and services. Through a competitive analysis, current shares of the competing companies and the trends in your sector are followed so that you can become one step ahead in social media. By means of its measurability, you can easily see which posts have resulted in your purpose. In line with the strategies we have identified as Dijital Şeyler, we create campaigns, contests, sweepstakes and creative content that will increase the awareness of your product/service and competitive power in social media.

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    Creative Services

    We are with you in all matters such as corporate identity studies, website, banner designs, advertising campaigns, social media designs.


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