Corporate Identity Design, allows the brand to gain a professional appearance in harmony with its goals and values. Corporate identity, which is an important part of the effective brand strategy, enables each brand to successfully convey the desired message and impression to its target audience. Designs such as; the logo, business cards, envelopes, letterhead stationery, pocket folders, brochures and catalogs creates corporate identity.
First thing to be done when creating corporate identity, is to create a “logotype” by identifying the colors of the organization and designing its logo. Logotype is the most important part of the organization’s identity. It is the appearance of the logo that makes a corporate catchy, effective and powerful. After creating a logotype, other printed materials to be used within or outside the organization should not contradict with the characteristics of determined logotype structure. A genuinely prepared corporate identity is crucial for the success and reputation of the company. In order to reflect the company’s precise image, a detailed study should be done, including the message, vision, mission and experience. As Dijital Şeyler, we provide the best way to reflect your corporate identity that will be your brand’s signature and face.


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