Google Ads

World’s most famous and leading search engine Google’s advertising model, known as Google Ads, provides top rankings in the search results of the brand’s web page. Thus, companies can easily introduce their products and services to a wide audience. As Dijital Şeyler, we enable our brands to increase their competitive power by using Google Ads and moving them to top the position on Google searches.

Google Ad Types

1) Search Network (Queries with Keywords)

2) Display Network (Banner and Dynamic Images)

3) Remarketing

4) Youtube Ad Network (Intro and Images)

5) Product Listing (Merchant Center)

6) Mobile Ad Network (Google Store , Google Play)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, not only allows you to measure sales and conversions, but it also gives you new information about how visitors use and reach your website, and how to get them to visit again.

With Google Analytics, we can access various detailed datas such as the number of visitors, page views, average page views, time spent on the website, number of new visitors, bounce rates, preferred channel of the visitor driven to visit the website, visitors that came to your site, and conversions through your website. As Dijital Şeyler, we analyze all of the data correctly so that you can determine the correct strategies for your brand.


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